James Makamba is an entrepreneur with a diverse portfolio of interests covering telecommunications, broadcasting, retail, mining and consultancy. He came to prominence in Zimbabwe as a commercial broadcaster and later an insurance advisor. He then established a thriving consultancy business which represented international corporations in various sectors of the SADC economy.

Makamba served as a senior consultant to Lonrho and as the Deputy Chairman of Lonrho Botswana. He worked closely with the late founder of Lonrho; the legendary Tiny Rowland. In that capacity, he assisted international companies to establish themselves in Africa in diverse sectors including: hotels, mining, motor-car distribution and aircraft sales.

At the same time, he created a successful retail business throughout Zimbabwe. Later, James Makamba partnered with Telecel; Africa’s first mobile phone network. He is currently the Chairman of Telecel Zimbabwe and a board member of Telecel International.

Inspired by the historic Presidential election of Barack Obama, and particularly the role which a strong educational background played in President Obama’s success. James Makamba founded the Ibbamo Foundation (Inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama) to assist talented, underprivileged African children to fulfill their potential through higher education. The foundation also seeks, through education and mentorship, to prepare young Africans for future leadership roles. Makamba is married to Irene and they have four children. He currently resides in the United Kingdom.



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The book tracks the emergence of civilian leadership during the two decades that followed military dictatorship in Nigeria. Soyinka pulls no punches. A must for those interested in exploring the modern day jungle of African politics.


The IBBAMO Foundation believes in the power of ideas. We believe it is the ideas of yesterday that created how we live today and it will be the ideas of today that create how we live tomorrow. The IBBAMO Foundation believes in the power of young people and their ideas, we believe it is important to not only entertain young people in our societies but to begin the work of engaging them and their ideas.


“ I am inspired by Barack and Michelle Obama particularly the role which a strong educational background played in President Obama’s success ” - James Makamba